Water Well Sealings

Will County Well & Pump Co., Inc. offers complete well sealing service throughout Illinois, including Will, DuPage, Cook, Grundy, and Kankakee counties. We specialize in sealing abandoned wells for both residential and commercial customers. Whether your well is no longer providing water, is beyond repair, or does not serve a purpose anymore, Illinois law states that a certified contractor must seal the well. Our water well specialists have over 80 years of experience in sealing all types of wells. Will County Well & Pump Co., Inc. is a member of The Illinois Association of Groundwater Professionals and the National Groundwater Association. All our well-sealing services are performed according to Illinois state and national well sealing guidelines.

Abandoned and non-functioning wells in Illinois present many dangers if not sealed properly. Over 1.3 million residents of the state depend on drinking water obtained from wells throughout the state. When a water well is abandoned and not sealed, contaminates such as polluted rainwater, or farm run off can contaminate the groundwater. This can lead to other wells in the area becoming contaminated. Besides contamination, abandoned water wells can cause physical harm to children and animals. To protect yourself and those around you, the State of Illinois requires that all abandoned wells and wells that no longer provide water be sealed within 30 days.

Furthermore, according to the Groundwater Protection Act, if your abandoned well has not been sealed properly and has led to the contamination of neighboring wells, you will be held financially responsible for providing safe water to the owners of the surrounding contaminated wells. Well sealing services from Will County Well & Pump Co., Inc can help to ensure that old and abandoned wells don't become safety and contamination hazards.